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Mental Health: new year, new me (?)

Looking around at the moment, it feels as though everyone out there is under the impression that the moment 2017  gives way to January 1st 2018 everything that’s a problem will magically resolve itself. Whether it’s a new job, finally getting fit or going skydiving, it’s easy to get swept up with the idea that this will be your year.


Thing is, nothing will change unless you make the effort. Joining a gym is a great first step, but it’s up to you to continue going rather than letting your exercise gear and trainers gather dust in a corner. If you’re going to make a new career develop, think carefully about what you want to do rather than just grabbing the first thing that comes along.


Dealing with mental health isn’t a quick process either. Deciding that it’s time to stop living in the past is a great start but it’s so easy to fall back into the same old habits from before.


Instead of making a resolution, my intention is to work gradually on improving how I see myself and not putting myself down. It’s about dealing with issues including anxiety, depression, confidence and self esteem problems one day at a time. Mental health problems aren’t like a cold or the measles. They don’t go away completely. Instead, it’s about learning to control them rather than letting them control