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Meet: the ankle-crop jean by Tommy Hilfiger





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The Denim Dilemma

Yesterday I tried to buy a pair of jeans. I say ‘tried’. Sadly my options seemed to be: skinny, skinnier or almost skin tight. All I wanted was a basic pair of dark blue jeans, without any rips or tears and which didn’t look like you’d need a crowbar to be removed from.

Then there’s the height issue. Leg lengths appeared to be long or even longer. When you’re on the shorter side of 5ft 4″, that’s not good. It also feels like I’m the only one out there who doesn’t see the appeal of ripped denim. When holes appear in my jeans I stop wearing them, not start. Recently it seems that a small amount of frayed detail has been superseded by large gouged out holes and even larger cut out patches. I know that less than perfect denim may be in fashion but for me it’s something that says scruffy rather than stylish.

So it looks like the search for delectable denim continues. After all, it’s not jeanius is it?